The Cumulo Learningtm Mission

At Cumulo Learning, we believe in the premise that ALL schools should have the same opportunity to deliver 21st Century education to all of their stakeholders. This includes school administration and staff, parents, the community at large, and, of course, the students!

We believe that there is a place in American education for both public and private schools, as well as schools addressing a smaller cross-section of the population.

Further, we believe that no school should struggle to compete for students, or to meet the educational needs of those students, based on financial limitations.

We believe that the school is not a building or a "place", but a community, and that all members of this community need to be appropriately connected. Cumulo Learning is set up for exactly this infrastructure.

Please contact us if you would like more information about how your school can participate in this opportunity!

Did you know that...

...Classroom Connection allows the maintenance of student health records by allowing families to submit their doctor, clinic, and other health information online.

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"The new and improved SJB website, through Classroom Connection, has helped me to be much more organized in my work! The ability to access and track everything from our grade book, to attendance, to communication with parents has been fabulous. I am in a job share position teaching 5th grade and having these items available to update at home and at school has been great. The website has helped keep communication between parents, students, and teachers very open. I believe that the SJB website has improved the way I teach."

Amanda Steiskal
5th Grade Teacher
St. John the Baptist Catholic Community