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The Cumulo Learningtm Model

A Cumulo Learning Community includes one or more schools, churches, or worship/faith centers. While Cumulo Learning is designed as a school management utility, it is understood that many private schools work in union with their church, synagogue, mosque, or other worship center. Every attempt is being made to ensure that the needs of all institutions in the community are met.

Each institution in your community works independently of one another in most visible capacities. They are administered seperately and can have their own look-and-feel. Of course administrators can assign a single person to administer one or more of the sites in the community if they so choose.

Each institution includes one or more site administrators. This person, often a school administrator or administrative assistant, has access to all functionality of the service. Please view the features page to get a more specific look at these capabilities. This admin also has responsibility for coordinating the site's "look and feel." Each site has almost complete control over the visual interface of their web presence.

Each institution also designates one or more school administrators. These individuals have access to all school administrative functionality (lunch program, attendance, fee accounts, etc). Note that some of these administrative tasks can be assigned to non-administrative personnel. For instance, non-administrators are often give lunch program admin duties.

Visitors to the site have access to much of its functionality without logging in. Upon logging in, the system recognizes the user and assigns the appropriate permissions. This allows the user the opportunity to access only the utilities designed for their use.

Did you know that...

...Classroom Connection allows lunch program administrators to pull data for their state reporting requirements.

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"Classroom Connection has been a huge asset to St. John's extended day program! It has made the accounting process so much easier than what we were using in the past. "I love how our families can see what they have been billed for and what they have paid for at any moment on line. It also makes the notification of their account balance easy, with the click of a button they all receive an email with their balance. It is also wonderful to be able to print out each family's account for tax or work reimbursement purposes. I would highly recommend this innovative software program for your school or business!"

Colleen King
Director-Extended Care
St. John the Baptist Catholic Community