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Cumulo Learning School Management System For Teachers

Welcome to Cumulo Learning's Private School & Independent School Management System for Teachers. This page is designed to give you a thumbnail sketch of how Cumulo Learning can assist you in managing your classroom and attending to the task of educating private school or independent school students. To get more detail and screen shots of the components of each feature click on the feature itself.

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  • Alumni Component:
    • Use school alumni as resources.
  • Attendance Component:
    • Quickly and easily manage daily attendance.
    • Viewable by parents upon login.
    • Can track student's site access.
  • Behavior Management & Intervention:
    • Lake Work Component:
      • Tracks student negligence patterns across classes.
      • Notifies parents of missing work.
      • Optional notification to administration.
    • Detention/Suspension Tracking Component
  • Communication Tools (email, telephone, and text messaging):
    • Inter-school email (staff only).
    • Teacher-to-Parent.
    • Parent-to-Teacher.
  • Gradebook Component:
    • Comprehensive and fully-functional student achievement record.
    • Ideal for content-area teachers (mathematics, science, etc) or grade level teachers (1st Grade, etc)
    • Rivals expensive, stand-alone applications and interfaces well with student achievement reporting.
  • Homework Component:
    • Easy to post assignments.
    • Quick access by parents and students from any location on the site.
    • Gradebook items can be automatically included.
  • Online File Folder:
    • Place documents onine for access anywhere.
    • Make documents available only to self or to students and parents.
  • Parent Teacher Conference Component:
    • Parents sign-up electronically or in person.
    • View current conference schedule electronically at any time.
    • Block times out.
    • Record conference results for later follow-up.
  • Progress Report Component:
    • Create and post progress reports for students, parents, an admin.
    • Reports can be gradebook or non-gradebook based.
    • Reports can be academic or non-academic.
  • School Calendar:
    • Supplement the school calendar with specific events that are only visible to your students and parents.
  • Virtual Classroom:
    • Completely control the look and feel of your electronic classroom.
    • Upload documents, links, and media.
    • Create your own internal links.