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Cumulo Learning School Management System For Parents

Welcome to Cumulo Learning's Private School & Independent School Management System for Parents. This page is designed to give you a thumbnail sketch of how Cumulo Learning can assist you in supporting the education of your children as a private school or independent school children. To get more detail and screen shots of the components of each feature click on the feature itself.

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  • Attendance Component:
    • Track your child(ren)'s attendance and tardies.
    • Viewable by upon login.
  • Communication Tools (email and telephone):
    • Quick and easy communication between school and home.
    • Teacher-to-Parent.
    • Parent-to-Teacher.
  • Electronic Fee Payment Component:
    • Pay school fees online.
  • Family Directory:
    • Available only to registered users.
    • Printable and Downloadable.
    • Quick access to other members of your worship and educational community.
  • Fee Accounts Component:
    • View balances and a transaction record by family members for all fee accounts (lunch program, band fee, activity fees, etc.)
    • Receive account status information via email (including account balance).
  • Homework Component:
    • Quick access by parents and students from site.
  • Online File Folder:
    • View/download documents that teachers have made available online for parents.
  • Parent Teacher Conference Component:
    • Sign-up electronically or in person
    • Coordinate your conference sessions for all of your children.
    • Printable version.
  • Progress Report Component:
    • View your child(ren)'s academic progress whenever it is made available by their teachers.
  • Virtual Classroom:
    • Quick and easy access to your child(ren)'s teachers' electronic classrooms.
  • Virtual Desks:
    • Parents can view the contents of their child(ren)'s virtual desk using this component. This could include papers returned by teachers as well as other items.
  • Virtual Office:
    • Quick and easy access to staff electronic office.