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It is with pleasure and with full confidence that I can recommend Bob Schneider to you. I have known Bob on several levels personally and professionally since 1992 and he has been the same reliable, dedicated, driven individual in all that he does.

I first came to know Bob Schneider as a fellow teacher and coach at Monticello HS. Bob's passion in the classroom and the athletic field was immediately evident by how he conducted himself as well as how students responded to him. His creativity and the ability to connect to all levels of student and athlete is evidence of his ability to problem solve and not give up when something doesn't work the first time. These traits made him a top candidate for Minnesota Teacher of the Year at his current school in Edina, MN.

At Monticello I also came to know Bob on a personal level as a training partner for distance running. Bob's personal drive as a distance runner was a reflection of his professional life. He was one of the top age group racers in the state of Minnesota during his competitive running days. Bob's work ethic and commitment for success is not selective, it is who he is.

I also have a business relationship with Bob. Bob started up a race timing business several years ago and I have had the pleasure hiring his services from the infancy of his business to where it is now as an established and well respected timing company used by many schools and community events. Bob undertook his timing business head on and has continued to adapt and improve his services to meet the needs of multiple types of events be it running, biking or skiing. He has the unique ability to recognize and anticipate multiple needs or situations and come up with solutions to expand his service and meet completely the needs of his clients.

I have the utmost respect for Bob Schneider and the relentless nature he exhibits in what he commits himself to. Bob will be direct and confident in what he is capable of doing and then will do whatever work is necessary to make sure you are satisfied with his product. Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information for my highest recommendation for Bob Schneider.

David J. Wik
Dave Wik
Science Teacher, Head Boys Track & Cross Country Coach
Monticello HS

Cumulo Learning Parents

As an instructional designer I have had an opportunity to experience a variety of user interfaces in a multitude of contexts. I have also worked with many different platforms and learning management systems throughout my professional career. My experience with the functionality and reliability of the programs created by H51 Software has been outstanding. Your team has designed a user friendly platform that is fully functional, powerful, yet it is also easy to use and navigate. Even my kids can log on and navigate within the system without any issues. They frequently log on and use the tools to obtain homework or play the interactive educational games. I have been really pleased with what you have developed and would recommend it to any institution that is considering software solutions.

My older kids actually attend a different school that does not use your software. The school frequently has issues with their website. Just logging into the system and looking at grades is a challenge at times. As a parent, I have also found the system is difficult to navigate and sort of cumbersome. It is clear to me that what they implemented was not a customized solution. The experience with the other school has helped me appreciate what you have been able to accomplish.

Cory Nordmeyer MS
Enrollment Services

Dear Cumulo Learning,

Thank you so much for coming to our school! As a mother of four children having many experiences with electronic school information I think your service is wonderful.

The introduction to the families was informational and presented in an understandable format. Even newcomers to the world of technology can easily navigate through the site. The links are clearly marked and it is easy to access the information.

While I appreciate being able to pay my bills online, check classroom links, access photos and videos, and view report cards, my very favorite place on your site is the link to electronic permission slips! No more filling out the same information each time. It is wonderful to just click the submit button at the bottom of the page for each event.

Finally, thank you for answering the few questions I did have. Your customer service was courteous and prompt.

Mary R. Cunningham
22375 Murray Street
Excelsior, MN 55331


Joy Plassard
714 N 400 West, West Lafayette IN 47906
Administrator of Cumulo Learning for St. James Lutheran School

As a board member for St. James Lutheran School, a few years ago I began searching for a school software application that would manage hot lunch fees, book fees, student grades, student health records, and produce a school directory. After reviewing many software products, the product that I found to meet all of these needs was Cumulo Learning. I have been very impressed with the product's user friendly screens. The technical support staff has been very helpful and has even taken into account many of my customization requests. St. James required specific screens, reports and calculations for the tracking of free and reduced lunches. The Cumulo Learning staff was very willing to generate screens and reports that would meet these needs. I would fully recommend the product to any institutions in need of a school management application.

Angela Lee
Administrator of Kids of the Kingdom After School Care
St John the Baptist School
Excelsior, MN 55331

Cumulo Learning is a life saver! It makes my job so much easier by allowing me access to my billing anywher)e as long as I have the Internet! Cumulo Learning makes it so much easier for parents (I run a lot of field trips) because they don't have to waste their time hand writting permission slips. All they have to do is click a button! The people at Cumulo Learning are always willing to help when I have a question. For someone who isn't the best at technology, this is a huge asset!

Technology Professional

Re: Cumulo Learning Student Information System provided by H51

To whom it may concern:
As a member of both the Technology Committee and the School Advisory Committee for St. John the Baptist School in Excelsior, MN, I share responsibility for evaluating and recommending the selection of technology that meet the needs of our school's students, parents, teachers and administrative staff. My wife and I also have three children attending the school. Our decades-long careers are in information technology including IT consulting, client project management and ongoing support for large-scale in-house and hosted software and hardware implementations with Fortune 500 companies.

Cumulo Learning has become a highly-valued and indispensable tool for all constituents of our school. Some of the features that we particularly value include the following:

  • Affords an exceptional ease of use by constituents of all levels of technology experience
  • Ensures secure logon access to constituents based on role (teacher, staff, student and parent), grade- and student-linked relationships and similar attributes
  • Provides high-availability of information to constituents both on- and off-campus due to hosted browser-based access and server fail-over and redundancy
  • Offers highly-responsive support to questions and suggested enhancements
  • Provides a solid and secure mechanism for teachers and staff to communicate assignments, events, grades, test results, requests and concerns to students and parents on an ongoing basis.
  • Facilitates the building and maintaining a sense of community, information-sharing and open dialogue
  • Eliminates unnecessary re-entry of basic information for and allows secure role-based approval of individual students' involvement in activities such as sports, field trips, contests and the like
  • Provides an outstanding value for our school's budget

Our experience with Cumulo Learning has been extremely positive. We would highly recommend Cumulo Learning to any school or district.

Steve Bradley

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