Cumulo Learningtm Details: Product Details

  • Offered by H51 Software, LLC
  • Geared towards small to mid-sized private and public elementary and middle schools.
  • Built on a "continuous development" model where enhancements are ongoing and driven by requests from the end users.
  • Is being released market-wide in 2012-13 after 3 years in development and field tested by three schools in three separate states.
  • Two-part solution. Part 1 is as a completely customizable web presence for each school, wrapped in the district or parish hierarchy. Part 2 is as a comprehensive school management system, student information system, and administrative tool. Schools are able to use either or both of these systems as they choose.
  • Comprehensive, web-based solution that is designed and tested to be compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.
  • Data driven, using a SQL Server 2008 database. All data is processed in real time.
  • Source code is written in Classic ASP, JavaScript, CSS, Html 4, and JQuery.
  • The source code is hosted on a dedicated server at Secure Connect, Inc.
  • All web files are backed up daily using tape-drive technology and remotely on
  • All data is backed up hourly in a transaction log format to the hosting server and once daily to a remote location (
  • Cumulo Learning will provide a project manager for each client (a client is a collection of related schools).
  • Cumulo Learning contains the following training and help capabilities:
    • Web-based Tutorials: a series of YouTube videos illustrating the process for completing key tasks.
    • Blogs/user groups: A blog has been set up for Cumulo Learning users based on role.
    • On-site training: at the request of the local school(s).
    • Help Desk: via email ticket submission
    • Telephone 6:00am - 6:00 pm CST

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