Cumulo Learningtm Details: Installation, Implementation, & Training

Once a contract is signed a client administrator is identified to supply information about the needs of the school(s) intending to utilize the system via an online form and telephone communication with H51 Software staff. H51 Software staff will then prepare the account. This process could take up to two weeks.

During the process, tab-delimited text files and data stores will be gathered from the client schools and migrated into the new system as much as is reasonable to expect.
Each participating school will choose a staff member to serve as the local "site administrator" and will handle the administration of the utility for their school, including the delegation of certain additional privileges (fee account administration, health office administration, lunch program administration, etc.). Cumulo Learning will provide training for all site administrators as requested by the district, who will in turn provide local training for their staff. We encourage this training to be done in person however a virtual/remote training session is a possibility.
Initial training will be available on or after August 1 and local implementation can commence at that time. Implementation (roll out) can take the place of informational meetings at school where user access information can be dispensed, notification of the availability of implementation videos via email or mailings, or other means as determined by school officials.
All coordination between H51 Software and member schools will be managed by H51 Software staff.
Problem Solving
Problem solving is managed via transparent error management in terms of site functionality, an email ticket submission process, and access to the site architect via email or telephone on an "as available" basis.
Technical Assistance
Technical Assistance is built on four levels:
  • Traditional static help files on the site.
  • Help videos covering major site functionality.
  • Provided via an email ticket submission process.
  • Provided by telephone support between the hours of 6:00am and 6:00 pm CST

Downloadable Files

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