Cumulo Learningtm Functions & Features

"To Do" List

Given Cumulo Learning's "continuous development" structure, we maintain a utility that allows all logged in users to provide feedback on existing functionality, suggest new functionality, and comment on the suggestions of others. We use this as an efficient means of upgrading our product but not at the exclusion of requests made in person or via phone or email.

School Web Presence (optional)

Using Cumulo Learning as their web presence allows schools the ability to completely customize the look and feel of the site exclusive of the basic structure (horizontal header and navigation bar and vertical menu). A demonstration site can be viewed here

This feature includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Determining all "look-and-feel" features, including colors, images, videos, slide shows, etc.
  • Determining main, sub, and page menu content and labels. This allows the school to create their academics page, activities page, curriculum page, gifted and talented page, response to intervention page, and any other items that they would like to place in front of their school community. Each menu item can be three levels deep, with each level having its own sub-pages and menu bar.
  • Implementing a "virtual classroom" utility where each teacher has their own internet face that is moderately customizable. This includes the ability to control their own menu of items, upload documents, post links and homework.
  • Implementing a "virtual office" for all non-teaching staff. This works very much like the teachers' virtual classroom.
  • A staff directory.
  • Site Administrator Menu, including:
  • About Us
    Welcome site users to your school, communicate your mission statement, and tell the end-user a little about your school. Includes the Contact Us utility and the Map To Us.
    Bulletin Board
    An optional feature that allows schools to post notes on the home page for all visitors.
    Post school events. Can incorporate events from other client schools if so desired.
    eCard Manager
    Allows all logged in site users to send informational eCards promoting your school to friends, family, and acquaintances.
    Post school-related forms that are accessible to all site visitors.
    Completely control the look and feel of your school's web site.
    Page Builder
    Create menu items appearing on the schools' web site and build the hierarchy of pages associated with each item.
    Phone List
    Create a school phone list that is accessible to all site visitors.
    Determine which site features that a school presents to its site visitors (such as bulletin board, school news, scrolling marquee, etc)
    Quick Links
    Place links on the school's home page. These links can be text or graphical.
    Random Pictures
    Upload pictures that appear randomly on non-secure web pages.
    School News
    Post articles, with pictures, promoting achievements, upcoming events, and happenings at y our school in a newspaper article format.
    Scrolling Marquee
    Create a scrolling message that appears on the school's home page just below the page header image and navigation bar.
    Site Sponsors
    A list of businesses and sponsors that support the school community with services & products. This can be a local advertising utility is so desired, charging vendors for a presence on this page.
    Staff Directory
    Determine order of appearance and organization of the public staff directory that appears on the web site.
    Visual Links
    Create visual links such as local weather and maps to the school location on the bottom of the home page.
    WOW! Events
    Create individual acknowledgements highlighting members and events in your school community that appear on the site home page.
School Management System Functionality (Administrator Permissions Required)
Adult Users
Manage non-student site users, including adding new users to the system, assigning roles and permissions, and controlling user access.
Manage attendance, modify settings and handle reporting. Includes physical and online "attendance."
Manage student behavior, including a late work utility. We are currently in the process of implementing a complete behavior management utility, connecting home-student-office-classroom accountability system.
Classes & Rosters
Create classes and assign teachers and students.
Create school wide organization of committees for the purpose of completing school business. Includes committee communication tools.
Facilitates communication be school administration and all members of the school community, including parents and students.
Contact Log
Logs all contact with school stakeholders and facilitates continuing dialog.
Custom Forms
Create custom forms from school data for the purpose of communication and reporting. This utility is still in development.
Data Extract
Extract data from the school data store for the purpose of reporting and decision making.
Facilitate the building of the student enrollment base by migrating students from previous years to current year and manages external requests for enrollment.
Organize adult and student users into families. Allows for a student being a member of more than one family due to divorce and other circumstances.
Fee Accounts
Manage ALL fees associated with student and family involvement in the school community, including fines, lunch accounts, field trip fees, and other auxiliary costs. Account status is included on parent's home page.
Determine grading policies, categories, and symbols for different grade levels.
Set up departments and other school organizations that tend to be more persistent than committees.
Health & Wellness
Complete health office portal including emergency contact information, medical and legal alerts, health office visits, immunizations, screening, and medical history.
Manage which courses homework shows on the parent/student homework utility.
Lunch Program
Complete lunch program management utility including menu items, multiple lunch sessions, free & reduced functionality, and local and state reporting capability.
Manage all media uploaded to the site by all site users to ensure content-appropriate contributions.
Parent -Teacher Conference
Create and manage parent teacher conferences electronically, including electronic sign-up and teacher scheduling.
Permission Slips
Create permission slips for field trips electronically that are populated with data from the database&133;allows for electronic approval by parents if so desired.
School Schedule
Set school schedules including bells and passing time if so desired.
School Terms
Set school year, term, and sub-term beginning and endings for scheduling and grading purposes.
Site Activity
Monitor visitors and page hits by individual site users or groups of users.
Student Manager
Track student demographics, characteristics, and history in terms of academics, attendance, health records, schedule, educational background, family information, etc.
Student Picture Manager
Upload student pictures and create class picture montages as well as adds a picture to secure student informational pages.
Manage raw student data, increment grades, manage their site access, etc.
Create school specific school subject names for classes.
Teacher Assignments
Assign teaching staff to classes and subjects.
Teacher Reports
Manage teacher classroom reporting, including electronic progress reports (academic and non-academic as well as gradebook and non-gradebook) and report cards.
Volunteer Projects
Create, staff, and manage volunteer projects on the school, classroom, and administrative level including things like fundraisers, playground supervision, and other community contributions to the school functionality.
Student & Family Information
Employer X 
Phone-Work X 
Phone-Home  X
Public School AreaX  
Lives WithX  
Schools AttendedX  
Medical ClinicXX 
Health InsuranceXX 
Emergency ContactX  
Alternate ContactX  
Known Medical ConditionsXX 
Baptism DateXX 
Where BaptizedXX 
Legal AlertX  
Medical AlertX  
(Cumulo Learning includes the opportunity to
incorporate optional custom data fields.)
Permission-based Site Access

All site users have a home page. The contents of this page are determined by the users roles and permissions.

Note that all site users have the ability to post, and comment on, pictures, videos, and third-party media links (such as YouTube, Kodak, etc). These can be kept private or shared with certain segments of the school community based on their nature. Note that any media uploaded by students are automatically visible to teachers and administrative staff.

All site users also have access to the site's "To Do" list by identifying functionality that they would like to see incorporated.

Other permission-based features are found below:
Parent & Family Portal:
  • Enrollment Link-for future enrollment of students
  • Online Payment Link-for paying school fees electronically
  • Broadcast link- for communication via groups of stakeholders (under development)
  • Families-directory and our family information
  • Media Links, Photo Galleries, and Video Files
  • MyNet Communication Utility
  • Report Cards
  • Yearbook (under development)
  • Fee Account Status (balance and transaction data for the family overall and by individual student)
  • Student Progress Reports
  • Attendance Record
  • Students' Classes-documents, links, papers, and virtual classroom
  • Forms & Permission Slips
Student Portal ("Virtual Desk")
  • Attendance Record (physical and online)
  • Progress Reports
  • Homework
  • Report Cards
  • Classes, with documents, links, papers, and virtual classroom
  • Teacher Drop Boxes
  • Electronically returned papers
  • Media Links, Photo Galleries, and Video Files
  • Message Center (under development)
Non-Teaching Staff Portal-Virtual Office:
Add events to your calendar and determine if they should be added to the overall school calendar
Navigation Bar
Add items to the navigation bar of your virtual office
Upload document for viewing from within your virtual office.
Create links for viewing from within your virtual office.
Add clip art, pictures, and video files for use in your virtual office.
Page Builder
Format the look and feel of your virtual office.
Add pictures to your virtual office.
Teacher Portal-Classroom Manager
Take daily attendance and view student attendance records.
Manage student behavior issues, including late work.
Complete communication utility for all classes on a student-by student basis or involving groups of students, incorporates phone, email, and sms messaging.
Docs & Links
Upload documents and post links for class functioning.
Drop Box
Receive and return student work submitted electronically.
Fully- functional gradebook that seamlessly ties into electronic reporting, including report cards.
Post homework that is tied in to the gradebook and can be viewable online by students and parents.
Lunch Program
Take daily lunch count electronically.
Online Files
Online file folder for personal or professional use, allowing for access to files anywhere you have broadband internet access.
Permission Slips
Create, manage, and view permission slips the teacher creates for field trips. Includes summary sheet and list of those completed and those not competed.
PT Conferences
View electronic sign-ups, set your schedule (including block-out times)
Quick Note
Send a note to parents indicating a non-urgent message is awaiting them
Post electronic progress reports and submit grades for report cards that can be academic or non-academic and gradebook based or not.
View & manage class rosters
Seating Charts
(under development)
Teacher Portal-Control Panel (for use with the teacher's virtual classroom that is only available if the school uses the web presence portion of Cumulo Learning)
Add events to your calendar and determine if they should be added to the overall school calendar
Class Navigation Bar
Add items to the navigation bar of your virtual classroom
Classes & Co-Curriculars
Create your virtual classroom for each class
Upload document for viewing from within your virtual classroom.
Create links for viewing from within your virtual classroom.
Add clip art, pictures, and video files for use on your virtual classroom.
Page Builder
Format the look and feel of your virtual classroom.
Add pictures to your virtual classroom.
Post your daily schedule.

Downloadable Files

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